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The Great British Bake Off

Written by Guy Robinson on Monday, 16th June 2014

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off at Home

The Great British Bake Off TV series has definitely put the kitchens of our country back to proper use. We are all keenly learning how to measure, weigh, mix, knead and prove. My family loves baking and making jams and chutneys, I even make my own alcoholic ginger beer (recipe to follow soon) so we thought it would be rather fun to put all our baking and serving products in this special new category. All products are food safe and our super designs add a bit of fun and creativity to the kitchen. 

Get the children involved and worry about the mess later. What is more fun than wiping down the kitchen table in preparation for an avalanche of flour, sugar and a tsunami of butter and sticky hands. When the little cakes have been rescued from the Aga, get the cake stands out and arrange your trophies proudly. Our two girls, Rosie and Annabel have become very precise with their icing, although they do fight over the piping bag! Billy (aged 3) doesn't need such gadgets and amazes us all with how much icing actually ends up all over the cup cake by just using his hands. 

Pop the kettle on, bring out the china and be careful, there is always the odd cat hair to look out for before offering the cake stand to the vicar.

We will keep adding baking and serving accessories to our new Bake Off category as quickly as we can come up with the designs.

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